healthy fat substitutes

How to Consume Fats in a Healthy Way

First things first: FATS are an IMPORTANT food group and are ESSENTIAL for our daily diets. Fats allow for proper brain function and overall development. However, how we choose to consume these fats can make a world of difference! Learn the difference between types of fats and a few examples of healthy fat substitutes! Read more →

Pork & Watermelon Kebabs

Pork and Watermelon Kebabs

There might not be a single produce item more refreshing to snack on during the spring and summer than watermelon slices or chunks. The reason watermelon is so refreshing might be the fact that the fruit is 91% water. Being dehydrated is dangerous, so snacking on watermelon will surely keep you hydrated during the hot months of the year! One serving of watermelon offers 31% DV of vitamin A, and 37% DV of vitamin C. Read more →

Breeze Apples: Available Now!

Breeze Apples: Available Now!

Wishing you all a Happy Memorial Day Weekend! I realize apples probably aren’t at the top of your grocery list right now… it’s somewhat of a confusing time of year for us apple lovers.  The apple displays are still front & center in our produce department, but we all know... Read more →

4 Egg Substitutes

4 Substitutes for Eggs

Eggs are an ingredient in a numerous amount of our favorite dishes, ranging from omelets to cake. Eggs have excellent nutritional value, providing dishes with a protein source. However, there is a common controversy about the actual health benefits of eggs, typically centered around the concern over their high cholesterol content. Eggs are great for you in moderation, but if you want to limit your egg consumption, here are 4 substitutes you could use instead! Read more →

Pork Tenderloin & Onion Jam Sliders | Easy to make & kid-friendly. The onion & apricot jam is what makes these sliders so special!

Pork Tenderloin & Onion Jam Sliders

The weather outside is heating up, and what a better way to celebrate than a feast with family or friends? I don't know about you, but sliders always sound amazing. This pork tenderloin & onion jam sliders recipe by our partner, Peri & Sons Farms is one to die for. Read more →