Baby Shower Fruit Tray Ideas

Sending invitations, looking for party plates, buying flowers, picking up balloons, making gift bags, putting ice in the cooler, pouring drinks, and most importantly, preparing the refreshments…

The checklist goes on and on if you are getting ready to host a baby shower.  Here’s a little secret… the key to a perfect party is the FOOD (and enjoying yourself)! If you are looking for a unique and creative way to impress your guests, then a fruit tray is the way to go! These baby shower themed fruit tray ideas are super easy, affordable, and will make your party one to remember. All you need is a design idea, a few colored fruits (and/or veggies!), and a tray – could it get any easier?

Here are a few adorable & unique fruit tray ideas that you can use as inspiration to create a fruit tray for your special occasion!

By: |April 24th, 2015
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