glazed carrots

Glazed Carrots

This Week's Produce Mom Pick is Carrots! Carrots are a fun and easy vegetable to snack on. One serving of carrots contains 120% daily value of vitamin A! Carrots also contain a great amount of anti-oxidants, most notably beta-carotene. One of my absolute favorite veggie side dishes is glazed carrots. The duo of carrots and brown sugar is simply incredible. Read more →

how to make popsicles

How to Make Popsicles with Real Fruit

Popsicles…A simple, healthy, flavor-bursting, and in my opinion, one of the best snacks/desserts to make during the summer months. The options are endless when preparing a homemade Popsicle, and this summer I encourage you to give one a try! These little refreshing treats are perfect for the kids after a sporting event, a day at the pool, or a long day of running around outdoors. Read more →

How to Shuck Corn in Microwave

How to Shuck Corn Like a Boss

One of my absolute favorite vegetables to throw on the grill during the summer and fall is corn. However, it's never fun putting the blood, sweat & tears into shucking the corn. Even if you have your kids shuck the corn for you, it's an added step that nobody enjoys (not to mention the huge mess it makes)! What if I told you that it was possible for anyone to quickly learn how to "Shuck Corn Like a Boss!" in 5 easy steps?! Find out how! Read more →

cherry up close

Ask the Produce Expert: Fruit Farming & Family Heritage

Today's Expert: Chelan Fresh. Welcome to the 6th edition of our featured series, titled “Ask the Produce Expert.” In this series, we feature one of our partner growers, suppliers or commodity boards, and ask them farming industry-related questions that will help us, as consumers, become more educated on the food that we purchase and eat on a daily basis. Read more →

july 2015 produce calendar

July Produce Challenge Calendar

Summer is here! What better way to celebrate summertime than with fresh, ripe fruits and veggies?! Your kids are likely spending much more time at home during the summer, so you have the ability to have a larger impact on their diet. One great challenge I have for myself during the summer is to always have a fresh fruit and/or veggie snack lying out for my kids during the day. That way, when they take a break from playing outdoors and need to re-energize, they do so with a healthy snack! Read more →