bing cherry salad recipe

Minted Spring Mix, Dark Sweet Cherries & Cantaloupe Salad

June is the peak of cherry season, so why not celebrate with a lovely, light cherry salad?! This Minted Spring Mix, Dark Sweet Cherries & Cantaloupe Salad recipe by our partner, Sage Fruit Company, is the perfect salad for lunch or a small snack on the back patio. The hint of mint added to this recipe is a wonderful, refreshing touch. Bing cherries are the preferred cherry variety for this salad, but any dark cherry will work just fine as an alternative! Read more →

How to Pit Cherries

How to Pit Cherries

Learn how to pit a cherry with an easy 6 step infographic and video tutorial. No more using a knife or having to spit out cherry pits! If you don't own a cherry pitter utensil, this is your next best option. Read more →

5 Easy & Unique Fruit Salads

5 Easy & Unique Fruit Salads

Strawberries, grapes, bananas, oranges, melon - the possibilities are endless when creating a fruit salad! Fruit salads are the PERFECT dish to make for breakfast, snack, side dish, or even for dessert this time of the year. The best part of a fruit salad is that everyone in the family can chip in and add the flavors & ingredients that they love! Read more →

summer fruits and vegetables

What’s in Season? Summer Fruits & Veggies

Summer is here & it is time to take advantage of all the summer fruits & vegetables that are FINALLY in season! By paying attention to the seasonality of the different varieties of produce, you can be sure that you are buying produce at their peak of freshness. Better yet, the prices of produce is typically always lower when in season than not, so make sure to get your in-season fruits & veggies quickly before they are gone! Read more →

june produce challenge

June Produce Challenge Calendar

A new month = a new produce calendar challenge! The weather is warming up, and so are our June fruits & veggies! This month, we are celebrating dads, and the other father figures in our lives. Be on the look out for fruits & veggies that can be used in easy recipes for dads, are great on the grill, and ideas on how to work more produce into a manly diet! Read more →