7 cranberry recipes for the holidays

7 Cranberry Recipes for the Holidays

Cranberries and the holidays – they go hand-in-hand, don’t they? In fact, because cranberries were enjoyed by American Indians, cranberries sweetened with honey or maple syrup may have been served at the first Thanksgiving! So don’t leave this fruit off your Thanksgiving menu! Raw cranberries are a “superfruit” because they are full of so many health benefits. From preventing urinary tract infections and kidney stones to reducing dental plaque and lowering your risk of heart disease, serving cranberries to your holiday guests shows you care about their health and their appetite. When shopping for cranberries, select ones that are plump... Read more →

7 celery recipes

7 Satisfying Celery Recipes

Celery. It’s probably not the most exciting or tantalizing vegetable in the produce world, but it’s a versatile vegetable that is tasty in both family-favorite dishes and on its own.   Celery may be a bit overlooked when many people think about nutritious vegetables. But celery is low in calories... Read more →

November 2015 Challenge Calendar

November Produce Challenge Calendar

Happy November! Autumn is in full swing and this month’s Produce Challenge Calendar is filled with the flavors of fall like pomegranate, cranberry, and mandarin. And because Thanksgiving is right around the corner, all month long we’ll be sharing recipes & helpful tips for hosting a healthy and joyous Thanksgiving... Read more →

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Fresh Produce in Schools At Risk

Last week in Washington, D.C., a bill was introduced that could forever change one of the most successful and effective programs to improve child nutrition in America, the Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program (FFVP).  I’m really disappointed and I want you to know why.  The bill which undermines the Fresh... Read more →