When I first started The Produce Mom blog, I made a quick promise that I would teach everyone how to prepare a fresh artichoke.  If you are anything like most people, you have only enjoyed canned artichokes or artichoke dip.  And you are missing out!  Here is a fool-proof way to steam one of nature’s healthiest vegetables!

artichoke nutrition factsINGREDIENTS

  • Ocean Mist Artichokes – depending on size, you can cook several at the same time with this crock pot method.  I used jumbos & could fit 3 in my crock pot.
  • White Wine- I had my best friend over last night & we polished off the Spanish Verdejo I intended to use… so I used a dry sherry, which I always have on hand & I encourage you to stock sherry in your kitchen as well.
  • Fresh Lemon Juice
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt
  • Garlic- I used Spice World Roasted Garlic

Check out the Nutritional Facts for artichokes – we should all eat more of this nutrition all-star!

*Artichokes are featured on March 24th on our March Produce Challenge Calendar! Take the Produce Challenge with us!

How to Cook Crockpot Artichokes

CROCK POT ARTICHOKES – Recipe compliments of Ocean Mist Farms
STEP 1 – Rinse Artichokes with water

how to wash artichokes









STEP 2 – Trim artichoke stem (it is an edible part of the vegetable, but for this method it must be trimmed short)

how to cut an artichoke









STEP 3 – Trim top inch off artichoke; heart will be exposed.

how to cut an artichoke









STEP 4 – Rub halved lemon over exposed artichoke heart to prevent browning

how to remove artichoke heart









STEP 5 – Open up petals to spread apart the artichoke & better expose the heart

how to cook artichokes









STEP 6- place artichokes into crock pot & squeeze lemon juice evenly over the top

how to cook artichokes









STEP 7 – Drizzle Olive Oil over artichokes

artichoke seasoning









STEP 8 – salt artichokes & top with garlic

spice world roasted garlicartichoke recipes









STEP 9 – pour approximately 1 cup of white wine into bottom of crock pot – add water until there is a 2-inch depth of liquid in the base of the slow cooker.  The bottom 1/4 of the artichoke can be covered in the liquid.

artichoke recipescrockpot artichokes

STEP 10 – cover with lid & cook on high for 4 hours (smaller artichokes will cook in 3 hours – remember, I used jumbos!)

how to cook artichokes







Artichokes are finished when a knife can easily slide into the bottom-side stem.  Similar concept to inserting a knife into a fully-cooked baked potato.

Crock pot artichokes are delicious enjoyed “as is” / without adding anything.  However, you can spruce up your artichokes with inspiration from the Ocean Mist recipe database.  Cooked artichokes store well in ziploc bags in your refrigerator, as well.  Yes, you can easily enjoy fresh artichoke hearts all week long by cooking a large batch in the crock pot!

Chip wants Chicken Parmesan tonight, so I will be adding fresh artichoke hearts to our pasta dinner.  Yum.  I would love to know how you plan to enjoy your Crock Pot Artichokes!

xoxo Produce Mom

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