The Produce Mom Picks

It is time!  The Produce Mom is now available for retail partners – consumers will soon find me in their produce departments.

The Produce Mom Picks is a program that will allow consumers to make the most of their produce shopping experience.  My “Picks” will be based off the following criteria:

  • Delicious
  • Nutritious
  • Convenient
  • Affordable

Consumers are excited because they will be able to shop for produce with confidence, knowing that these commodities all boast my seal of approval & meet my 4 benchmarks of Delicious, Nutritious, Convenient & Affordable.  Furthermore, support & education regarding preparation, storage and recipes of all “Picks” will be available on

Retailers are excited because the program will encourage shoppers to explore the produce department and will offer another opportunity for education and awareness of wellness and healthy eating within their stores.

The Produce Mom Picks – Good Choices for Your Family.

Available exclusively from Indianapolis Fruit Company & coming soon to a retailer near you!


xoxo Produce Mom


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