About The Produce Challenge™

Are you struggling to eat enough fruits & veggies? Are you bored from eating the same ones over & over? Take the Produce Challenge™!

The Produce Challenge Calendar is an interactive calendar filled with seasonal produce that meets The Produce Mom’s criteria of Delicious, Nutritious, Convenient & Affordable. Challenge yourself to try them all and find your favorite! On the calendar you’ll find healthy recipes, fun facts, and tips to help you add these fruits & veggies to your diet. There’s also a convenient shopping list to keep you organized at the grocery store. Print the calendar, hang it on your fridge, and let it be your guide to a healthier life!

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Produce Challenge

March 2017 Produce Challenge Calendar

March 2017 Produce Challenge Calendar

Happy March! A new month means a new #ProduceChallenge. On this month's Challenge Calendar, you'll find lots of seasonal fruits and veggies to enjoy each day. We'll celebrate St. Patrick's Day with rainbows of flavor and our favorite green fruits and veggies. Join the March Produce Challenge to get recipes, tips, and tutorials delivered straight to your inbox. Read more →