Farm Tours

The more we know about how our food is grown, the more thought we can put into how we feed our families. Join The Produce Mom as she tours farms around the world and learns how food gets from the farm to the grocery store.

Visiting Tanimura & Antle

Visiting Tanimura & Antle I’m always looking for ways to help consumers learn to select, store and serve more fruits and veggies – and my recent visit to Tanimura & Antle did just that. If you’re not familiar with this industry leader, Tanimura & Antle is one of the largest independent lettuce growers in the… Read more »

My Visit to Nature Fresh Farms

Last week I made a short journey to greenhouse country to visit my good friends at Nature Fresh Farms. I have to start off this blog by saying that my photos, videos and words cannot adequately describe how amazing and innovative Nature Fresh Farms and greenhouse growing is. What I experienced and learned on my… Read more »

Visiting Sage Fruit

Sage Fruit Apple

Last week I had the unique opportunity to visit Sage Fruit in Yakima, Washington.  Yakima Valley & the surrounding Ag regions are the heart and soul of Washington Apples.  Did you know that the state of Washington supplies the United States with 60% of her apples?  My visit to the growing region was an amazing… Read more »

The Produce Mom Visits Vidalia

Last week my family & I had the distinct pleasure of visiting Stanley Farms in Vidalia, Georgia.  Vidalia is home to the world’s most famous onion – the Vidalia Sweet Onion!  There are many sweet onions on the market, but to be a Vidalia Onion it must be grown in the state of Georgia.  Saddle… Read more »

Indy Fruit Visits New Zealand Grower

Breeze Apple

“We shop the world to make sure our customers have the fruits & vegetables they need for their produce department.” – Dan Corsaro, EVP Sales & Marketing of Indianapolis Fruit Company. Indianapolis Fruit Company is where I work.  We are a distributor of fresh produce – Indy Fruit supplies grocers and retailers in more than… Read more »