Mom Musings

Being a mom is one of the greatest joys in life and one of the hardest jobs in the world! This is where I share all my crazy adventures as The Produce Mom and simply “mom”.

$10 in the Produce Department at Kroger: Part Two

On Thursday, October 6th we completed part two of our $10 Produce Challenge series with our partners at Kroger Welcome to the 2nd edition of the $10 Produce Challenge! This series will focus on two things: 1) Fresh Produce is affordable 2) The Kroger Ad exposes you to great value, great variety, as well as seasonal… Read more »

Tips & Tricks for Dining Out

Fast food…Delivery…Fine dining…Cafeteria: eating out is part of our routine! Maintaining a healthy diet can become difficult due to all the food options available to us. Restaurants are known to throw excess calories or ingredients into a dish. However, by knowing some of these tips & tricks will help you stay on track toward a healthy… Read more »

I paid more for my idea than my house

Today is the 4th birthday of The Produce Mom. Just over 4 years ago I leaped for the 1st time – on a Friday afternoon I told 4 men, all old enough to be my father, that I had an idea for my former employer’s marketing department.  I had spent nearly 7 years selling and… Read more »

Planting a Garden with Your Kids

how to plant a garden with your kids

Can you smell SUMMER approaching?! Most kiddos are now out of school, or closing in on the end. Summer can be quite overwhelming with vacations, sporting activities, going to the pool, and day camps, but remembering to live a healthy lifestyle can help the entire family accomplish their daily summer activities.

There’s a Produce Mom in All of Us: Meet Gina Nucci

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Produce Moms! I always say “There’s A Produce Mom in All of Us”, so this Mother’s Day Weekend, I want to introduce you to a woman who has played a big part in my journey as a fresh produce industry professional.  Her name is Gina Nucci.  She is… Read more »

Homemade Baby Food

It is essential that babies receive adequate nutrition during their first years of life to support healthy development.  Support your growing child by providing nutritious meals that incorporate fruits and veggies.  By making it your mission to make homemade baby food recipes, you can ensure that your baby is receiving all essential nutrients. While creating… Read more »

5 Tricks to Get Your Kids to Eat Veggies

Do you often hear the phrases “Vegetables look funny”, “I am not eating anything green”, or “I hate vegetables”? Kids are often turned away from veggies because of their taste, texture, or color. By setting a positive example and continuing to encourage consumption of veggies, your kids will learn to find their favorites!

Mary Lynn Rajskub joins The Produce Mom on Indy Style

You might know her as Chloe… I know her as Mary Lynn. Matt’s wife. Val’s mom. My friend. We met just a few years ago – in Disneyland actually.  Mary Lynn is married to my husband’s friend & high school classmate.   She’s a genuine person.  When our paths cross, we get the families together &… Read more »

Celebrating 2 Years

2 Years.  24 Months.  730 Days.  17532 Hours.  1051898 Minutes. Add it up however you want.  That’s how long this website has been active & how much time we have dedicated to developing The Produce Mom into the brand and opportunity that it is today.  Thank you for allowing us to celebrate this milestone.  Happy… Read more »

2012 Highlight: Disneyland

2012 will forever be remembered as the “Year of the Produce Mom” in my household.  I have enjoyed reminiscing on this incredible venture as we approach The Produce Mom’s 1 year anniversary & the beginning of 2013. One of the top highlights of 2012 was my trip to Disneyland in Anaheim, California! The Produce Marketing… Read more »