Fruit Tacos

What makes a taco dinner even better? MORE TACOS! Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner and we have the ultimate dessert taco recipe to share with you.

Cherry Berry Crostata

A rustic & open-faced crostata dessert made with cherries & berries. Recipe compliments of Food & Lifestyle Expert, Chadwick Boyd.

Individual Peach Crisp Cups

This week’s Produce Mom Pick is Peach! There’s nothing quite like a juicy peach on a warm spring day. The peach tree is native to Northwest China. Peaches are a great source of vitamin A, vitamin C, fiber, potassium & niacin. One medium sized peach is approximately 60 calories and 13 grams of sugar. Since… Read more »

Celery Pops

Celery Pops

Need an easy & delicious recipe to encourage your kids to help in the kitchen? Celery Pops adopted from Tanimura & Antle are a GREAT choice!

Chocolate Covered Pear Waffle Cone

It doesn’t get much tastier than a big scoop of ice cream in an ice cream cone. But what if we found a way to avoid the guilt of eating an ice cream cone?! Ice cream cone, meet pear. Pear, meet ice cream cone. Who would have ever thought that putting a pear into an ice… Read more »

Autumn Glory Apple Crumble Tart

apple crumble tart

What sounds more delicious and heart-warming than a good ole apple crumble tart? This easy apple tart recipe with an aromatic crumble topping showcases the pure and distinct “apple” flavor of Domex Superfresh Growers‘ Autumn Glory apple. Thin slices of the apple cook into a solid filling that’s accented with clove and cinnamon, echoing the… Read more »

Grilled Honeycrisp Apples

This week’s #ProduceMomPick is a HONEYCRISP APPLE! A Honeycrisp Apple is a cross between the Macoun and the Honeygold apple varieties.  The Honeycrisp Apple was actually developed at the University of Minnesota – another reason to love the Midwest! Honeycrisp Apples are known as one of the sweetest apple varieties available today, but did you… Read more »

Rustic Apple Tart with Gala Apples

This week’s #ProduceMomPick is the Gala Apple! Apples are a high demanded fruit shipped around the world. The Gala Apple is just one of the 7,500 varieties shipped to fill people’s fruit bowl.  Sage Fruit, a company located within Washington State & Oregon, has become one of the TOP growers/shippers of apples, pears, & cherries. … Read more »

Pluot Dino Cones

Pluots are this week’s #ProduceMomPick! Pluots are a FAVORITE summertime fruit because of their sweet & delicious flavor.   I am often asked, “What is a pluot?”  Pluots are a hybrid between a plum & an apricot resulting in a tart & juicy fruit!  Sometimes pluots are confused with a plumcot, which is also a… Read more »

Fresh Cherry Trifle Made with Washington Cherries

Washington Rainier Cherries are this week’s #ProduceMomPick! Known as one of the top antioxidant-rich foods, these yellow, red blushed cherries often grow one or two sizes larger than dark cherries.  Come to find out, Rainier Cherries are actually a mix between the Bing & Van cherry varieties-explaining their unique skin coloring & size!  Remember-the sweet… Read more »