Slow Cooker Chicken, Rice and Celery Soup

Slow Cooker Chicken, Rice and Celery Soup

You know those comfort food recipes that just feel like home? This is one of those recipes. Slow Cooker Chicken, Rice, and Celery Soup is best described as feel good food. It’s warm and hearty and perfect for cozy family dinners.

RECIPE: Slow Cooker Celery Soup with Bacon

Slow Cooker Celery Soup with Bacon

Slow Cooker Celery Soup with Bacon is a quick and easy recipe for busy summer nights. Serve it hot or cold. The whole family will love this recipe!

Dutch Yellow Potato Soup


Yukon Gold Potatoes are this week’s #ProduceMomPick! A big, warm bowl of potato soup is sure to bring a smile to your face! This soothing potato soup recipe is adopted by Melissa’s Produce. If you can find Melissa’s Baby Dutch Yellow Potatoes in your local grocery store, this recipe works best with them – but any… Read more »

Cream of Mushroom Soup

Mushrooms are this week’s #ProduceMomPick! Mushrooms are found all around the world & they are always in season, since this produce is grown indoor.  A mushroom is high in Vitamin D and B Vitamins to provide a excellent source of energy.  They are also a great addition to any dish – nature’s hidden treasure! Mushrooms are quick and easy to prep – just wipe… Read more »

Hearty Minestrone Soup

Minestrone soup has been a classic favorite in Italian cooking for ages. When you add Steamin’ Greens to the mix, it becomes not only extra-hearty, but extra-scrumptious! Why, a serving of this soup is sure to bowl you over. Recipe and photo provided by Salad Savoy xoxo Produce Mom

Avocado & Tortilla Soup

It’s a blizzard here in Indiana!  Snow days mean comfort food in my home & there isn’t a food more comforting than a warm soup! For lunch we enjoyed an easy Tortilla Soup from the  Hass Avocado™ Board.  As you explore the web looking for recipes & tips for your fresh produce, you will likely… Read more »